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Towards embodied resilience

Towards integral resilience

Waking up from the illusion of separateness at the individual, organizational and global levels

How to raise consciousness level at these 3 levels ?

From fast to far

From individual to collective

From short term to long term

From disconnection to interdependence

From fragmentation to unity

Tech won't save us

" Sciences sans conscience n'est que ruine de l'âme "

Elevation of the consciousness level is essential

Linking systemic strategy with personal change through holistic organizational transformation

Communities as consciousness catalyzers

An business idea is an opportunity for everyone to be empowered, not only the founder or vision owner

Power holder 

Letting go ownership on the vision is the first step towards a shared vision and a decentralization of power

We are just energy channels, idea channels. Ideas don't belong to you, they just emerge through you. 

knowledge sharing to avoid information retention 

be a leader VS take the lead 

responsibility of sharing a clear vision 

Vision & alignement is the key / first step for autonomy and responsibility

liberty and responsibility

Be a guide, not a master

A renewed leadership for individuals, communities, organisations, cities and societies

Awareness on the difference between your values and your actions 

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Scale your


High Trust







New Talents

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