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  • CO-CREATE new narratives, myths, moonshots or desirable futures.

  • SHIFT from an individual short term to a collective long term perspective. 

  • UNLEASH the imagination and creative spirit of your team / participants.

" Thanks to the methodology, we find ourselves projected out of our known frontiers " 
Ariane Wautelet - Innoviris Team Leader
WhatsApp Image 2018-06-22 at 12.15.12 PM

Projecting 120 city actors/citizens in a sensory exploration of a carbon free Brussels in 2050 (at Bruxelles Environment - June 2018)


EU Parliament






BXL Environment

(LowCarbon Forum)

Define the role of youth in the shift towards a more generative economy with 70 leaders of youth organisations (linkedin)

"Most interactive and original workshop of the festival" 

Stefania - ESN Riga 

​Co create the vision of a new semi- industrial fablab (2M€ budget) with 50 entrepreneurs, corporates, government officials and fab lab managers.

"Thanks to the methodology, we find ourselves projected out of

our known frontiers" - Innoviris Team Leader

Organicity is a call for project from the EU commission to "co-create 

digital solutions to city challenges" . With 80 tech-entrepreneurs.

"Thanks to the futuristic projection, I had a major breakthrough on my product development" Michel - Data Entrepreneur

Co create a governance model able to reduce 90% of the C02 emissions

of the Brussels region by 2050

Learn more about the Low Carbon Forum by CIN & BE

DiGitYser August 2017


Projecting 40 industrial actors throughout a normal day in Brussels in 2043  (at FabCityDev - October 2017) 

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