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Action / research community exploring alternative futures through music, dance & psycho-technologies.

We believe the current ecological and mental health crisis are symptoms of yin/yang imbalances

at individual and system levels.

Our mission is to create collective shadow work experiments to heal body/mind fragmentations.


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disc0punk manifesto


We are messengers from the conscious underground,

Emissaries of the shadow and guardians of the light.


With a punk spirit, we confront denial,

With our disco grooves, we fight despair.


Our mission is to heal fragmentation

to unveil the next cultural code.​

An era of aliveness,

where the masculine & feminine

enter a new dance. 


An era of regeneration,

where humans live in more harmony

with nature & technology.


The soundtrack ? Disc0punk.

Join the movement.

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future events

Thank you !

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