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We designed the Collective Inner Compass to help teams identify blindspots and the Collective Shadow Work process to transforms these blindspots.


The goals is to increase cultural health/maturity and grow  "androgynous capacities" at both collective and individual levels.

This approach has been developed over 10 years of exploring pioneering decentralised & collaborative organisations :

- Decentralised Networks & DAOs (Ouishare, Civic Innovation Networks, Greaterthan, Regens Unite)

- Third spaces & eco-villages (Himalayan Farm Project, Arbre Qui Pousse, Communa)

- Activist movements (Gilets Jaunes, XR, Fridays For Future)

- (Digital) Monasteries (Plum Village, Moos, Life Itself)

- Impact start-ups (Open Collective, Tough Cookie, Phusis)

- Music & art collectives (Down Under, Lowtape, Disc0punk Experiments)


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