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Timothée Brès


Organisational Alchemist

Back from a trip in India in 2013, I launched Nexense, the first Belgian student organisation for pioneers of the economic transition.


Solvay Business School

I started Lowtape a year later, a pioneering collective of record collectors organising intimate events in alternative locations. 


Lowtape ~ Sunday Ritual

In 2016, after my studies (economics), I co-founded Civic Innovation Network (CIN) to bridge public actors with entrepreneurs & activists.

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Futuristic Projection for the FabCityDev project (Transforma)

I developed The Futuristic Projection to co-create desirable futures through visualisation & embodied practices (2017).

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-22 at 12.15.12 PM

2043 : sensory exploration of a free carbon future (BXL Environment)

In 2018, after a 3 months retreat in a zen monastery, I joined Ouishare as a facilitator and researcher on leadership, self management & decentralised organisations.

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In conversation with James Priest, Richard Bartlett & Francesca Pick 

In 2020 I got certified as a mental resilience trainer and supported various start ups at the beginning of Covid. 


Mixed Mental Arts training with Holiday Pirates

In 2021, I've co-developed the program of Ouishare Fest 21, a 3-day in-person festival in Paris on collaborative culture & longtermism.


In conversation with Peter Koenig

With The Blindspot Project I'm currently supporting decentralised teams to realign their culture for high performance.

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